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There is a significant need for a quantitative, point of injury dtermination of the severity and prognosis of concussions sustained during sporting activities, motor vehicle accidents, domestic violence, military activities, falls in children and the elderly, and accidents that occur on the job.

ITDF has identified expert research neurologists with well-developed hypotheses and solid scientific rationale for a specific approach to this problem, along with service providers with expertise in bioanalytical method development and point-of-care diagnostic and therapeutic delivery devices.

ITDF will manage the program, bring together these expert resources, and develop the proof of concept to the point where sustainable funding can be realized from philanthropic sources.


      There is an even greater need for therapeutic intervention that halts the resultant progression of mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) to Alzheimer’s Disease or encephalopathy. To date, pharmacological intervention is limited to decreasing the symptoms of mTBI.  Symptoms include: pain, emotional, cognitive, or behavioral problems, psychotic or neurological issues, disturbances of sleep or endocrine function, and sensory or motor alterations.

It is ITDF’s aim is to help develop a compound to be administered soon after injury, which will modify the neuroinflamatory response to mTBI, and decrease not only these symptoms, but also their underlying cause.